PikySuite 3.0

PikySuite is a suite of applications for dealing with files
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PikySuite is a suite of applications for dealing with files. The developers of this application are best-known for applications like RecentX and NoteZilla (both are great applications). They like to make applications that make managing files an easy task. And so, this is one of the best that there is. The suite includes PikyBasket, PikyFolders and PikyTools. PikyBasket is perhaps the best one in the suite, at least for me. The application allows you to copy several files from different locations and paste them somewhere else. This saves you a lot of time, since going to one folder and pasting into an other several times can really annoy me. Also, it lets you save the list of files that you copied, just in case you want to copy those same files to some other location. Even more, you can tell PikyBasket to only copy files that have been modified or newly created. PikyFolders allows you to create folder favorites which you can access from anywhere on your computer, even the dreaded File Open and Save windows.

José Fernández
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